Spooked Kooks started out on the west coast of the North Island of Aotearoa with an eye to creating sustainable softboards that could perform better, and last longer, by three friends who grew up surfing together.

As kids, it was easy to spot rubbish in the black iron sand. Ru said the surf Gods would bless us with good waves if we came back with at least a few pieces of trash each. Collecting rubbish in exchange for amazing waves… seemed a fair deal…  ha, simpler times! 

Jump forward a couple of decades and the childhood sentiment isn’t far off… but the ocean waste problem has grown massively!!  So, we use recycled plastic waste to make component parts of surfboards, in exchange (we hope) for cleaner waves. 

With help from the recycling industry we were able to create the first - And Only - softboards on the planet to contain post consumer recycled plastic. SK boards (No Hard Feelings) are now stocked in some of the most respected retailers across the globe.

Being a part of the battle against ocean plastic is important to SK and we are stoked to see people frothing on the boards out in the waves. The mission to improve the sustainability of our surfboards, other products, and processes, is ongoing. 

Please get in touch if you have any queries about the mission and the process. 

Tom, Ru, Tommy.