Spooked Kooks are proud to partner with socially responsible companies who are keen to make the world a better place. 

Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank helps to prevent ocean plastic and reduces poverty around the world. They do this by turning waste into currency. Plastic Bank are globally recognised as one of the most important solutions to preventing ocean plastic. By enabling the exchange of plastic for money, items or Blockchain secured digital tokens, Plastic Bank reveal the value in plastic. This empowers recycling ecosystems around the world and stops the flow of plastic into our oceans. All while helping people living in poverty build better futures. We are incredibly proud to be the first surfboard manufacturer to partner with the Plastic Bank to create the world's first soft surfboard using post-consumer recycled plastic waste.

Grom Nation

GromNation are a not-for-profit organisation based in Siargao, Phillipines. They offer local kids free surf lessons and surfboard rental in exchange for good school attendance and participation in life-skills programs that are run in their community. Spooked Kooks is one of the companies to donate brand new boards to the kids of GromNation. The boards are also rented to tourists and the funds gained are used to provide sustainable long-term solutions to poverty in their community. They also run campaigns driving social chance on the island, in order to promote a safer and stronger community. We are incredibly proud to partner with such a great organisation.

Sea Trees

SeaTrees, by Sustainable Surf, is the first blue-carbon, ocean-focused platform - for people and brands to take direct action on climate change. They are committed to planting and protecting 1 billion SeaTrees in coastal ecosystems around the world - think mangrove and kelp forests, seagrass, coral reefs and more. Their projects directly support the UN Sustainability Development Goals - benefiting local communities, providing critical habitat for threatened species, and sequestering carbon dioxide in the most effective way. They believe protecting the earth is a team effort, and so do we! That's why we have partnered with them. And as part of this partnership, we will provide funding to plant a mangrove tree for every board sold online. Double the donation at check out if you like.

Sustainable Surf Org USA

Sustainable Surf is on a mission to inspire and activate people all around the world to start living a sustainable #oceanpositive lifestyle. Sustainable Surf’s globally-recognized programs – The ECOBOARD Project, SeaTrees, Deep Blue Events, Waste to Waves and Deep Blue Life – provide the onramps that make that vision a reality. Sustainable Surf use a “systems change” approach to protect ocean health – by catalyzing the radical transformation needed to switch industries to using ocean-friendly materials, ending plastic pollution and restoring coastal ecosystems to reverse climate change. We are incredibly proud to be the first and only softboard the ocean to be endorsed by SustainSurf Org.