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We are Spooked Kooks (Tom, Tommy and Ru).

Our belief is that the world has an addiction to virgin materials that is unsustainable. Our mission is be part of the fight against the ocean plastic problem and the over production of virgin materials. We are doing this by creating sustainable soft boards that contain recycled plastic waste whilst looking great and surfing even better!

This story begins back when we were cheeky groms surfing in the early 90’s. Growing up, the three of us had always been acutely aware of the ocean plastic problem since we began surfing. We remember collecting rubbish we found on our way home from the beach. There was so much rubbish back then, and sadly, it has only got worse. As kids, it had an effect on us, as adults we decided it was something we couldn’t ignore.

The idea of using recycled plastic was a no brainer for us as soft-tops are, in large part, plastic! Ru had been designing and glassing fibre glass boards, but his attention had turned to soft tops as he became interested in a more user friendly option for beginners. Soon after the idea of using recycled materials was brought to the fore. The idea was put to Tom and Tommy and the three of us went gang busters to create the worlds first soft board containing recycled plastic waste.

However, it wasn’t straightforward - incorporating the recycled plastic into the boards presented many challenges in engineering and cost. It quickly became clear that there would be obstacles at every corner as we tried to introduce recycled materials into manufacturing process’ and supply chains that had a hunger for virgin materials.
Despite the challenges, we are stoked with what we have achieved to date and are actively working on ways we can further create a more sustainable product and business.

We are excited to play our part in the battle against the ocean plastic problem. The earth and its ocean cannot sustain the constant creation of new non degradable material, but if we give the already existing materials a second life combined with development into sustainable alternatives, then we have a real shot at creating a future with less waste. Its going to take a team effort.

Thanks for your support!