An ode to the ocean

We create sustainable softboards and surf gear using recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, and generally seek to minimise our impact on the environment.

Recycled Plastic

Our boards are made using post-consumer recycled plastic waste. We created the ECO SLICK, which is the entire underside of our boards and is 100% recycled plastic.

In addition, the leash-plug, fin-key and fins we supply with each board are made using post consumer recycled plastic. To date, we have used over 7,000kg of recycled plastic waste in our soft boards.

Our recycled plastic is supplied by Plastic Bank, click the link below to find about more about their Social Plastic mission.

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Reduced Plastic Packaging

We have never used shrinkwrap in the packaging of our boards, and we have replaced all plastic bubblewrap with cardboard packaging. We are committed to removing all plastic from our packaging.

Planting Trees

Each board we make plants at least one mangrove tree to mitigate the board's environmental impact. Mangrove trees are one of the best sequesters of CO2 on the planet, with each plant soaking up over 300kg of CO2 throughout its life.

To find out more about how we plant our mangrove trees, check out our partner Sea Trees.

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Please get in touch if your board sustains an injury. We will do our best to assist with DIY repairs to maximise your board's life.

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